Stitching the Geopolitical Quilt to Re-Body Belonging

2020 - PRESENT


Anticipated Premiere: 2023/2024

Rejecting finite points/products, The Conversation Series: Stitching the Geopolitical Quilt to Re-body Belonging is a dance-based geopolitical “quilt”, stitching together uncertain relentless trajectories to disrupt the erasure of silenced stories. An inter- and multimedia, multi-year project that will result in four media outcomes, it will make tools/toys/relationships to build paths (in a non-colonizing fashion) towards/through justice/equitable landscapes.


A male duet Wilkins is developing and performing with Avery Ryder Turner, this work preferences the value of bodies coexisting - sharing weight and responsibility, dancing to become better ancestors. As we travel to make and share this work, we will stitch together a dance-quilt to broaden our understandings of what it means to be American and sew ourselves together anew. 


The Conversation Series is a byproduct of Multiscapes and emerges out of a creative process that spanned nearly two years.


Concept & Direction Helanius J. Wilkins

Choreography Helanius J. Wilkins (Movement vocabulary created in collaboration with Avery Ryder Turner)

Original Sound Score Composition, Arrangement, & Performance Andy Hasenpflug

Screendance Cinematography & Original Sound Score Composition & Performance Watcheye Studios  l  Carlos Flores

Documentary Cinematography Thom Stromer

Technical Direction, Lighting Design, & Set Design Iain Court

Technology Design & Programming  (interactive technology) Peter Gyory

Additional Collaborators to be announced. 

Looking for: Presenting Partners, Funders, Touring Opportunities

Supported by: Fiscal Sponsorship for Helanius J. Wilkins is made possible by the Boulder County Arts Alliance (BCAA)


Photography (unless otherwise specified) by Christopher Michael Carruth. Copyright 2019.

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