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Untitled: With U / Truths & Implications

about the work

This is a duet work that arrives at the intersection of personal identity scores, spirit walks, and the collision of different identities.


What does an audience assume? When are the performers implicated? When is truth revealed? Traversing spaces that reflect the past, the present, and the in-between, this work unfolds as a trance-like experience that arrives in real time against an ever-changing sonic landscape.  This sonic landscape is intrinsically connected to the performers individually and as a duo. Although this work emerged from The Conversation Series: Stitching the Geopolitical Quilt to Re-Body Belonging, it exists as an extension of this work but not as a part of it.


This work was first presented as a work-in-progress as part of Movement Research at the Judson Church on November 14, 2022. 

What does an audience assume?

When is truth revealed?

Untitled: With U Events

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Concept & Direction Helanius J. Wilkins 

Choreography Helanius J. Wilkins (Movement vocabulary created in collaboration with A. Ryder Turner)

Original Sonic Landscape, Arrangement, & Performance Andy Hasenpflug 

(*Sonic landscape is composed of multiple sound content samples.)

Lighting Design Anna Pillot

Costume Concept Helanius J. Wilkins


Funding for this work was made possible in part by CU Boulder and the Boulder County Arts Alliance (BCAA). 

This work is made possible through the generous support of contributions made by individual donors. 

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