DIRT (2020)


Through the fusion of text, movement, layered visuals, and sound, this work presents a meditative exploration of identity and Blackness in a heightened time of unrest and uprisings fueled by issues of police brutality and systemic racism in America.


Concept, Direction, Text, & Performance Helanius J. Wilkins

Video Design, Direction, & Editing Roma Flowers

Original Sound Composition, Arrangement, & Performance Andy Hasenpflug


August 12, 2020 CU Denver’s Newman Center’s Midweek Boost, Local Spotlight



International Art Film Festival  (IAFFest)

2020, London, UK

kNOwBOX dance Film Festival

2020, Seoul, South Korea Premier

2020, Dallas, TX USA Premier

2021, Oaxaca, Mexico 

ScreenDance Miami Festival produced by Miami Light Project!

2021, Miami, FL USA

The 33rd Minimalen Short Film Festival

2021, Norway

Alabama Screendance Festival

2021, Birmingham, AL USA

GRRL HAUS CINEMA - Gimme 5 Series

2021, Cambridge, MA USA

Maryland Youth Ballet - Black History Month Virtual Performance Series

2021, Silver Spring, MD USA

Photometria In Motion

2021, Ioannina, Greece

Braga International Video Dance Festival

2021, Braga, Portugal


2021, London, UK

Art of Brooklyn Film Festival

2021, Brooklyn, New York, USA

The Fine Arts Film Festival/ViCA Films

2021, Venice, CA USA

OFFICIAL SELECTION - 4th Photometria in
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Multipli Dance Film
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Kinesthesia - 2021.
OFFICIAL SELECTION - The Art of Brooklyn


Alternative Film Festival Fall 2020

Short Category - Best North American Experimental

2020, Toronto, Canada

New York World Film Festival 

Best Experimental Short Film

2021, New York, New York, USA

Art of Brooklyn Film Festival

Best Musical Score

2021,Brooklyn, New York, USA

The Fine Arts Film Festival/ViCA Films

Best Experimental Film

2021, Venice, CA USA

OFFICIAL WINNER - New York World Film Fe


"Tackling the fully present and certainly hotbed topics of police brutality and sense of identity that’s under attack in the Black community remains no less than a daunting but utterly necessary task in this time of social upheaval. Writer/director/producer Helanius J. Wilkins and director/producer Roma Flowers dive wholeheartedly, candidly, and with bluntly skillful finesse into this entire plight via their effort “Dirt”. Another project utilizing the mediums of imagery, movement, and music in tandem, we are given a look at these struggles via intelligently produced pictures using the sediment the effort’s title indicates as an allegorical tool depicting the community’s hardships while also promoting through it all growth, roots, stronger foundations, and a people rediscovering the means to branch out and thrive."

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