For Wilkins, the making of screendances is at once emergent, alive, and continually evolving. It is an organic extension of his art investigations and making that affords him an alternate platform for the creation of intermedia projects – projects resulting from the merging of a wide range of artistic disciplines, including film, video, music, design, and technology. Although film and video has long been a part of his work – one of his more notable screendance projects being 2008’s Caution, a project made in collaboration with Susannah Newman – the onset of a pandemic reality in spring 2020 ignited a renewed interest in the creation of projects that are meant to be witnessed and experienced as screendances, and projects not necessarily intended to be incorporated into live performance.

DIRT (2020)


Through the fusion of text, movement, layered visuals, and sound, this work presents a meditative exploration of identity and Blackness in a heightened time of unrest and uprisings fueled by issues of police brutality and systemic racism in America.


Concept, Direction, Text, & Performance Helanius J. Wilkins

Video Design, Direction, & Editing Roma Flowers

Original Sound Composition, Arrangement, & Performance Andy Hasenpflug


August 12, 2020 CU Denver’s Newman Center’s Midweek Boost, Local Spotlight


Alternative Film Festival Fall 2020

Short Category - Best North American Experimental

Dirt by Helanius J. Wilkins and Roma Flowers

All rights reserved ©2020

Supported by: Fiscal Sponsorship for Helanius J. Wilkins is made possible by the Boulder County Arts Alliance (BCAA)


Photography (unless otherwise specified) by Christopher Michael Carruth. Copyright 2019.

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