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Updated: Mar 2, 2020

This morning I find myself reflecting on the many individuals who have been, and in some cases continue to be, creative inspirations - muses - for me. More than inspirations, they without necessarily knowing it challenged/challenges me to make works that perhaps I didn't/don't believe I had /have the skill to make. Even more their energies & investment in working with me led/leads to creating spaces for finding confidence & the courage to try the crazy, weird, uncomfortable, & seemingly impossible. The act of creation/art-making is a labor of love that requires one to remain committed to being engaged in practice, ritual, a process of framing/reframing, curiosity, failing forward at times, & embracing the muse within as well as the muses who appear in the form of individuals/artists who join you in your process of trying and discovering. I'm grateful for the inspiration that has come from ALL the dancers and collaborators i worked with throughout my journey. Some of my highlight moments of growth and discovery took place while working on projects with the dance artists including Elizabeth E. Winheld, Matthew Steffens, Reg Glass, Jamal Ari Black, Nkosinathi Mncube, L.D. Kidd, Trent D. Williams Jr, & most recently Ryder Turner. From a different perspective, longtime friend, Gesel Mason, has a place in this story too. My 1 minute dance film that reframes a segment of a duet we did together is a reminder of risk-taking and trust in so many ways.

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