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A Bon Coeur: Counting Down

This morning I found myself thinking about Meryl Streep's remembrance of Carrie Fisher with the remarkable saying "take your broken heart, make it into art" as well as the title of Michael E. Dyson's new book "Tears We Cannot Stop." So much to be concerned about and reflect upon in these times. Disconnection once again feels more real than ever. In these times I find myself ever curious about notions of connection, deep listening, rebuilding, and community. Although I began my journey to A Bon Coeur, the second installment of a trilogy in the making, before the air in our country took a drastic turn, it always amazes me how art, and the work I find myself creating, speaks in ways that I may have not been able to imagine. I look forward to sharing a preview of this developing work to create connection, opportunities for listening, and building/re-building space/time/community in a space in time where it feels like it is needed most.

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