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A Bon Coeur: Advancing Into The Final Phase (of sorts) - Putting All the Puzzle Pieces Together

Whew! It always seems shocking how fast time flies by. It feels like yesterday I was just embarking on this project. It is now nearly two years later, and I'm entering into what I consider the final phase of creative development (although when it comes to creativity & development nothing is ever final). May 4, 2018 I will be joined by my collaborators in Ft. Worth, TX to present a public work-in-progress showing that, for the first time, will reveal me navigating inside the full set design composed of large projection surfaces, video, and props. As I am writing this all I can think about is how much more work remains to be done. (LOL) Yet, at the same time, I am thrilled that I will be afforded one more wonderful opportunity to expose my creative process as well as engage audiences in conversation.

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