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FRAMEWORK, an evolving practice developed by Helanius J. Wilkins, is a rigorous practice that transforms technique class into a laboratory for examining, exploring, and discovering bodily movements in real time. Informed by architectural concepts, the joy of daring dance is experienced through the activity of framing and re-framing structures where individual and collective discoveries can be made. Structures, cued by action narratives that serve as a guide for participants, meld notions of space together with ways of communicating through the body.


FRAMEWORK, as a movement technique, is a viscerally charged ongoing practice, resembling a ritual that employs recovery through activity. Specific design, time, and effort modules are built resulting in choreographic phrases and expressions. By assembling structures for students to inhabit, the ultimate goal of FRAMEWORK is to question communication, refine technical ability and artistry, and interrogate one’s interior material. When fully committed to the rigors of the work, sensory engagement can be triggered bringing these architectural spaces to life.

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